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Seafood & Grill

Featuring some of the best local and national performers, Powerhouse features a diverse offering of live music genres like southern rock, hip-hop, jazz and more! You can keep up to date with who’s playing next by viewing the calendar.

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High-quality food and great service. Powerhouse Seafood has been voted best seafood in NWA for 20 years.

Baked Goods & Pastries
Rick’s Bakery.


Since 1980 when we opened our doors, Rick’s Bakery has become a staple in Northwest Arkansas. Conveniently located at 1220 N. College Avenue in Fayetteville, we offer a wide variety of desserts, cakes, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Come in and browse our trendy gifts and cool knick-knacks and enjoy breakfast or lunch with a pastry and an array of coffee and juice selections. Our friendly staff is here to help. Dine-in, carry-out or have it catered, we’re here for you!

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Fresh Roasted Coffee
Onyx Coffee Lab.


It was some years ago that we Jon and Andrea, began to dream of serving a sweet, black cup of coffee to our customers in Arkansas. This coffee, the mythical bridge between the blended chocolate drink and a strong black cup, needed to combine the delicate flavors only present when coffee is grown and processed with love and care, roasted to enhance but not mask flavor, and brewed to highlight those flavors. This is how Onyx Coffee Lab was born in October of 2012.

Our mission is pretty simple: to source and serve the best coffees in the world. Perhaps this is really ambitious, but we believe it’s pretty simple. Customers want to taste differences in coffee, not only on the black coffee level, but also when espresso and milk are poured together, and on another level, when coffee is treated as a culinary item and paired with beverages and food items that you wouldn’t expect.

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